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Enhancing the overall elegance of your outdoor area

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  • Heavy Duty

    Metal Planter Box
  • Seamless Structure

  • Simple Gorgeous

  • Weather Resistant

  • Free Shipping

  • On Time Delivery

  • Damage Replacement

  • 30-Day Return

About Wallowa Design

Inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of Wallowa's landscape, Wallowa Design sprouted into existence in 2019, emerging as a vibrant newcomer to the world of outdoor gardening.
Each Wallowa metal rectangle planter is made from galvanized steel and painted to withstand weather conditions, making them a perfect addition to outdoor space.

  • Our Mission:

Central to Wallowa's mission is the integration of nature into living spaces through beauty and tranquility. We understand the transformative influence of flowers and plants in outdoor environments and envision a world where every balcony, deck, and entryway radiates vibrancy, aesthetic appeal, and uplifting ambiance.

  • To Our Customers:

What distinguishes Wallowa Design is our unwavering passion for gardening. More than just a business, we are dedicated to cultivating beautiful environments and fostering a profound connection to the earth and its wonders. Our objective is clear – to share our love for gardening and horticulture while assisting others in effortlessly creating their own outdoor havens.